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Jun 24, 2012 Comments Off on Taxpayers Selected Arthur’s Top 10 Manager

Taxpayers Support Arthur Ferdinand as Tax Commissioner of Fulton County because;

  1. re-elect arthur ferdinand pictureHe is honest.
  2. He has gone to court to defend us where he won a judgment against Fulton County so that we would not be overtaxed.
  3. As early as 2006, in and Op-Ed article in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, he called for the tag “birthday” tax (ad valorem tax) be abolished.
  4. When he became Tax Commissioner in 1997, more than 200 million dollars in uncollected taxes were owed to Fulton County, City of Atlanta, Fulton Public Schools and Atlanta Public Schools. He collected the back taxes and has kept tax collections current – keeping the collection rate at 99%. As a result, Fulton County’s millage or taxing rate has decreased 21%, from 13.03mils to today’s 10.281 mils. Fulton County has not raised the millage rate since he became Tax Commissioner.
  5. Fulton County’s history of a 99% collection rate and relatively low tax delinquency rate helped Fulton County maintain an extremely high bond rating and obtain Tax Anticipation Notes at an unprecedented low rate of 0.16%.
  6. When everyone pays their fair share, everyone pays less. More than ninety-five percent of Fulton County’s property owners pay their taxes on time, while less than five percent pay late or not at all. No one is above the law.
  7. He has provided taxpayers with options for meeting their tax obligations by working with Citizens Trust Bank where a taxpayer may open a tax account and for senior citizens who may need a payment plan.
  8. He has consistently and dependably provided tax dollars to the taxing authorities for whom he collects, (Fulton County, the City of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Mountain Park, Chattahoochee Hills, the Fulton County School Board, and Atlanta Public Schools), so that they may deliver services we taxpayers expect: police, fire, sanitation, education and all other services provided by government.
  9. He has improved services and provided convenient locations to pay our taxes and receive our car tags by providing additional tax office locations in both north and south County.
  10. He has worked to keep us informed about taxes through mailings, brochures, the Tax Matters show on FGTV, and personal appearances before taxpayers.